Technical Innovations for Regional Economic Development

Co-chairs: CSANÁDY Etele and DIVÓS Ferenc

09.00‑09.20:DIVÓS, F. – DIVÓS, P. – ALPÁR, T.: Density and Moisture Content Measurement of Wood and Wood Based Materials by Microwave Radar (abstract, paper, presentation)
09.20‑09.40:GERENCSÉR, K. – TÓTH, Á. B. – KOVÁCSVÖLGYI, G.: Intelligent Inventory System for Sawmills (abstract, presentation)
09.40‑10.00.BENCSIK, G. – GLUDOVÁTZ, A. – JEREB, L. – BACSÁRDI, L.: Adaptation of Analysis Framework to Industry Related Ecological Problems (abstract, paper, presentation)
10.00‑10.30:Coffee break
10.30‑10.50:HORVÁTH, P. Gy. – PAPP, T. : Intelligent Product Development to Increase the Users Comfort (abstract, paper, presentation)
10.50‑11.10:DÉNES, L. – TAKÁCS, N.: Evaluation of Work Chairs’ Postural Changes Using Body Pressure Distribution System (abstract, paper, presentation)
11.10‑11.30:BENCSIK, B. – SZÖVÉRFI, T. – DÉNES, L.: Gap Independent Window Sealing with High Air Tightness Performance (abstract, paper, presentation)
11.30‑11.50:TATAI, S. – MAGOSS, E. – KÁZMÉR, Sz.: Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnostic of the Pneumatic Conveying Systems (abstract, paper, presentation)
11.50‑12.10:REISZ, L. – MAGOSS, E.: Correlation between the Wood Cutting Parameters and the Distribution of the Wood Particles (abstract, paper, presentation)
12.10‑12.30:PAPP, T. – KOVÁCS, Zs.: Development of Process Capability Based Fits and Tolerances for the Enhancement of Productivity in the Secondary Wood Processing (abstract, paper, presentation)