Technical Innovations for Regional Economic Development

Co-chairs: DIVÓS Ferenc and CSÓKA Levente

13.30‑14.00:TEISCHINGER, A. (BOKU): Small and Medium Sized Wood Businesses – Opportunities and Challenges for a Sustainable and Regional Development (abstract, paper, presentation)
14.00‑14.30:JEREB, L.: Technical Innovation for Regional Economic Development (abstract, paper, presentation)
14.30‑15.00:Coffee break
15.00‑15.20:BAK, M. – MBOUYEM YIMMOU, B. – CSUPOR, K. – NÉMETH, R. – CSÓKA, L.: Enhancing the Durability of Wood against Wood Destroying Fungi Using Nano-zink (abstract, paper, presentation)
15.20‑15.40:HALÁSZ, K. – CSÓKA, L. – RÁKOSA, R.: Application of Nano and Micro Sized Cellulose Crystals in Poly(lactic Acid) (abstract, paper, presentation)
15.40‑16.00:CSIHA, Cs. – CSÓKA, L. – LITRESITS, G.: Effect of Nanotreatment on Bond Streng (abstract, paper, presentation)
16.00‑16.20:ALPÁR, T. – SCHLOSSER, M. – HAJDÚ, I. – BEJÓ, L.: Developing Building Materials from Cement-bonded Reed Composite Based on Waste Materials (abstract, paper, presentation)
16.20‑16.40:FÁBIÁN, A. – SZÉKELY, Cs.: Development of Regional Innovation Potential in the West-Transdanubian Region (abstract, presentation)
16.40‑17.00:PAKAINÉ KOVÁTS, J. – BEDNÁRIK, É. – DÁVID, V.: Primary Research on the SME Sector’s Innovative Actions (abstract, paper, presentation)