Investigation and Research Methodology of Biotic and Abiotic Environments

Chair: REYNARD, Emmanuel; co-chair: TÓTH Gábor

13.30‑14.00:REYNARD, E. – BONRIPOSI, M. (University of Lausanne – Switzerland): Integrated Water Use Management in Dry Mountains of Switzerland. The Case of Crans-Montana-Sierre Area (abstract, paper, presentation)
14.00‑14.30:VERESS, M. – KALMÁR, S.: Researches and Research Methods of Biotic and Abiotic Environments (abstract, paper, presentation)
14.30‑15.00:Coffee break
15.00‑15.20:ALFÖLDI, Z. P.: Chemical Contaminations: Genetic and Environmental Interactions Revised (abstract, paper, presentation)
15.20‑15.40:SZABÓ, K. – SZABÓ, P. – HALBRITTER, A. – MOLNÁR, Zs. – FARKAS, P. – BARLA, F.: Floristic Study of the Serpentine Sites in the Eastern Alps (abstract, paper, presentation)
15.40‑16.00:BÓDIS, V. B. – BÁNYAI, L. – ÚJVÁRI, G. – MENTES, Gy.: Relationships between Slope Stability and Vital Processes of the Vegetation (abstract, paper, presentation)
16.00‑16.20:KALMÁR, S.: Different Applications of Aerial Photography Using Radio Controlled Model Airplanes (abstract, paper, presentation)
16.20‑16.40:KORPONAI, J. – FORRÓ, L. – BRAUN, M. – KÖVÉR, Cs. – PAPP, I. – GYULAI, I.: Reconstruction of Flood Event in Oxbow Sediment by Subfossil Cladocerans (abstract, paper, presentation)
16.40‑17.00:VERESS, M. – PÉNTEK, K. – UNGER, Z. – ALMÁSI, I.: Development of Covered Karstic Dolines in Ground Ice Environment (Eastern Alps, Austria) – Interests of Experimental and Mathematical Modeling (abstract, paper, presentation)