From Field to Fork

Chair: GERZABEK, M. H.; co-chair: SCHMIDT Rezső

09.00‑09.30:SOJA, G.- ZEHETNER, F. – BURGER, E. – HASLINGER, J. – OMANN I. – RAMPAZZO TODOROVIC, G. – GERZABEK, M.H. (AIT, BOKU, SERI – Austria): Carbon Footprint of Wine Production: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Possibilities in the Austrian Wine-growing Region Traisen Valley (abstract)
09.30‑10.00:SCHMIDT, R.: Introduction of the Subprogram “From Field to Fork” (abstract, presentation)
10.00‑10.30:Coffee break
10.30‑10.50:MILICS, G. – SMUK, N. – VIRÁG, I. – NEMÉNYI, M.: Precision Agriculture – Technical Development for a Sustainable Agriculture (abstract, paper, presentation)
10.50‑11.10:SZATHMÁRI, L. – SZILÁGYI G. – KÁLDY J.: Produce of Quality Food Products Derived from African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) and Sturgeon Hybrid (Acipenser ruthenus x Acipenser baeri) Fed by Various Fish Diets (abstract, paper, presentation)
11.10‑11.30:KOVÁCSNÉ, GAÁL K. – KONRÁD, Sz.: The Impact of Different Housing Conditions on Egg Content and Quality (abstract, paper, presentation)
11.30‑11.50:VARGA, L. – SZIGETI, J.: Research and Development in the Field of Food Science and Technology (abstract, paper, presentation)
11.50‑12.10:TEMPFLI, K. – KONRÁD, Sz. – KOVÁCSNÉ GAÁL, K. – BALI PAPP, Á.: PRLR and PRL Polymorphism Studies in Mangalica Pig and Hungarian Yellow Chicken (abstract, paper, presentation)
12.10‑12.30:CSIBA, M. – VIRÁG, I. – KOVÁCS, A. J. – NEMÉNYI, M.: Evaluation of the Map-based Chemical Weed Control Technology Applied for Weed Patches (abstract, paper, presentation)