Complex Study of Urban Eco-environment in the Western Transdanubia Region

Co-chairs: QING-YAN, Meng and JANCSÓ, Tamás

09.00‑09.30:QINGYAN, M. – XIAOJIANG, L. – JANCSÓ, T. – YING, Z. – LIJUAN, Z.:: Analysis of Urban Ecological Environment with Remote Sensing Methods (abstract, paper, presentation)
09.30‑10.00:ALBERT, L. – JANCSÓ, T.: Complex Study of Urban Eco-environment in the Western Transdanubian Region (abstract, paper, presentation)
10.00‑10.30:Coffee break
10.30‑10.50:GRIBOVSZKI, Z. – KALICZ, P. – CSÁFORDI, P. – SERMAUL, K. – SZITA, R.: The Water Status Change of a Small Stream System due to Urbanization (abstract, paper, presentation)
10.50‑11.10:KALICZ, P. – ERŐS, M. – CSÁFORDI, P. – MARKÓ, G. – PRIMUSZ, P. – GRIBOVSZKI, Z.: Building a Hydrodynamical Model on the Urbanized Section of a Stream (abstract, paper, presentation)
11.10‑11.30:KOCSIS, R. – BADÁCZY, D. Zs. – NÉMETH, K. E. – NÉMETH, Zs. I.: Reflection Intensities of the Leaf Spectrum and Glucose – Fructose Regression of Norway Maple Foliage in Urban Surrounding (abstract, paper, presentation)
11.30‑11.50:MIZSEINÉ, Ny. J. – HOROSZ-GULYÁS, M. – UDVARDY, P. – KATONÁNÉ, G. K. – KATONA, J.: Complex Eco-environmental Study on Urban Area of Székesfehérvár (abstract, paper, presentation)
11.50‑12.10:VERŐNÉ WOJTASZEK, M. – RONCZYK, L.: Object-based Classification of Urban Land Cover Extraction Using High Spatial Resolution Imagery (abstract, paper, presentation)
12.10‑12.30:PŐDÖR, A. – VÉGSŐ, F.: The Problems of Building Geoinfomatical Database for Urban Ecological Research (abstract, paper, presentation)