Preservation and Sustainable Utilization of Our Natural Heritage

Co-chairs: DOUCE, Keith and LAKATOS, Ferenc

13.30‑14.00:DOUCE, G. K. (The University of Georgia – USA): Relationships and Impacts of Globalization on the Introduction, Spread and Disruption of Native Systems by Non-native Species (abstract)
14.00‑14.30:BARTHA, D.: Introduction of the Subproject – Preservation and Sustainable Utilization of Our Natural Heritage (abstract, paper, presentation)
14.30‑15.00:Coffee break
15.00‑15.20:BARTHA, D. – TIBORCZ, V. – SCHMIDT, D. – KOVÁCS, M.: Distribution of Rare Shrub and Tree Species in Hungary (abstract, paper, presentation)
15.20‑15.40:CSISZÁR, Á. – KORDA, M. – SCHMIDT, D. – ŠPORČIĆ, D. – TELEKI, B. – TIBORCZ, V. – ZAGYVAI, G. – BARTHA, D. : Study on Allelopathic Potential of Some Invasive and Potentially Invasive Neophytes (abstract, paper, presentation)
15.40‑16.00:TUBA, K. – SCHULER, H. – STAUFFER, C. – LAKATOS, F.: First Found of the Walnut Husk Fly, Rhagoletis completa (Cresson 1929) (Diptera: Tephritidae), in Hungary (abstract, presentation)
16.00‑16.20:TÓTH, V. – LAKATOS, F.: Population Genetic Study of the Plane Leaf-miner (Phyllonorycter platani Stgr. 1870) (abstract, presentation)
16.20‑16.40:HORVÁTH, T. – GÁL, J. – VEPERDI, G.: Development of Forest Management Planning Methods for the Conversion and Selection Forests (abstract, paper, presentation)
16.40‑17.00:FARAGÓ, S.: Effects of Ecological Factors to the Grey Partridge Population in the Lajta Project (Western Hungary) (presentation)